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Aqua Line Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro is an efficient transport medium running under the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). It is a mass rapid transit (MRT) system of working which serves cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Bahadurgarh, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. There are a total of 10 metro lines with designated colour codes representing the different routes.

Aqua Line Delhi metro transit system is a metro system which connects Noida city to Greater Noida. It has a total of 21 stations starting from Noida Sector 51 to the Greater Noida depot station. The Blue Line Delhi Metro runs from the Dwarka Sector 21 right up to the Noida Electronic City. From here, the interchange occurs for the Aqua Line Delhi Metro.

The Aqua Line Delhi Metro started its operations on the 25th of January 2019 and was inaugurated by Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. This is the only Metro Line which is not run by the DMRC but has its functioning under the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC). Aqua Line is a Noida Metro, which is the second metro line of Noida after the Delhi Metro line.

This Noida metro covers the northwest to southeast sectors of Noida with the route covering a part of the Noida-Greater Noida expressway. It is a metro line which consists of a total of 4 coaches that can lodge a total number of 1034 passengers and covers a total stretch of 29.7 km. It is a very fast metro line running at a speed of 80 km per hour. All the metro stations on this route are equipped with platform screen doors. The metro stations of this line have around 81 escalators and 102 lifts with trained security personnel.

The latest proposal regarding the Aqua Line Metro is that an additional 11 stations are being added to the route. It will start right from Sector 51 Noida to Knowledge Park V in Greater Noida.

Aqua Line Delhi Metro or the Noida Metro

Stations of the Metro Line

The stations of the Aqua Line Delhi metro or the Noida Metro are:

S.No. Station Name Interstation Distance Total Length Covered Connections
1. Noida Sector 51 0.000 0.000 Blue Line Delhi Metro
2. Noida Sector 50 1041.5 1041.5 None
3. Noida Sector 76 1053.5 2095.0 None
4. Noida Sector 101 1010.2 3105.2 None
5. Noida Sector 81 1123.7 4228.9 None
6. NSEZ 924.4 5153.3 None
7. Noida Sector 83 1976.7 7130 None
8. Noida Sector 137 1149.4 8279.4 None
9. Noida Sector 142 1351.7 9631.1 None
10. Noida Sector 143 1648.0 11279.1 None
11. Noida Sector 144 1221.5 12500.6 None
12. Noida Sector 145 1352.2 13852.8 None
13. Noida Sector 146 1231.3 15084.1 None
14. Noida Sector 147 1533.0 16617.1 None
15. Noida Sector 148 None
16. Knowledge Park II 3293.5 19910.6 None
17. Pari Chowk 2328.4 22239 None
18. Alpha 1 921.8 24010.8 None
19. Delta 1 1085.9 25096.7 None
20. GNIDA Office 1855.8 26182.6 None
21. Depot 1699 27881.4 None

Route of the Metro Line

The total time of the journey of 21 stations of the Noida Metro is around 45 minutes. Out of the 21 stations of this route, 15 stations belong to the Aqua Line metro and the rest six belong to the Greater Noida.

This Noida metro line is boarded from Sector 51. There is a 300-meter-long corridor from Sector 52 where the Blue Line Metro terminates. This corridor connects to Sector-52 for the Aqua Line Metro Interchange. This corridor has the facility of Electronic rickshaws or can be walked.

The last depot station is a part of Greater Noida which forms the connectivity to other areas of the city.

About the Corridor

This Blue Line to Aqua Line pedestrian corridor was started in the year 2019 and was inaugurated by the Secretary Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Durga Shankar Mishra. This is a fully covered walkway with a shed as a means of protection from unsuitable weather conditions. There are no commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, or four-wheelers allowed.

Timings of the Metro Route 

This Noida metro is a very convenient travelling medium to avoid traffic congestion at peak hours. It starts early at 6 AM from Monday to Saturday and around 8 AM on Sunday. The timing of the last train in the night is 10 PM and completes at around 10:45 PM. The duration of the coming trains is 15 minutes during the peak hours while it is 30 minutes during the non-peak hours.

Charges of the Noida Metro      

The metro ticket issued by the DMRC for the Blue Line is not valid for the Aqua Line Metro. A separate ticket needs to be issued by NMRC for travelling the route of Noida to Greater Noida.

The tickets for the Noida metro line can be purchased either by cash, smart card or QR code. The tickets purchased by smart card are valid for a discount of 10%. The minimum fare that is charged is Rupees 10 and the maximum fare is Rupees 50. The maximum fare of Rupees 50 is charged from Monday to Saturday and Rupees 40 on Sunday and national holidays.

CITY1 Card of the Noida Metro 

CITY 1 card is the Aqua Line Metro Card which is a result of the collaboration of NMRC and State Bank of India. It is a chip-based EMV prepaid card which has a dual interface and provides a contactless and secure payment process. This card is also valid on the NMRC buses.

Fares that are charged on the route are:

Number of Stations Monday to Saturday

(In Rupees)

Sunday and National Holidays

(In Rupees)

For the First Station 10 10
For the Second Station 15 10
From the Third to the Sixth Station 20 15
From the Seventh to the Ninth Station 30 20
From the Tenth to the Sixteenth 40 30
From the Seventeenth till the last 50 40

Mobile Application of NMRC

There is a mobile application of the NMRC which help in issuing of the tickets without waiting in the queues at the station. This application is available on the Google Play Stores of the android and iOS users. The application even generates the QR-code which can be shown at the entry and exit points on the metro stations.

Facilities at the Noida Metro Stations

There are parking facilities provided by the NMRC at all the 15 stations of the aqua line metro route. The parking rate of Rupees 20 is charged for the first six hours for cars, and Rupees 10 for bikes. The monthly fare is Rupees 800 for the cars and Rupees 400 for the bikes. There is facility of air-conditioned feeder buses at these metro routes for the inter-city travel.

Construction Contract of the Noida Metro Line

The contract of the construction of different stations of the route has been assigned to the different construction companies such as:

Assigned Package Stations of the Route Construction Contract
NC-01 From Noida Sector -51 to Noida Sector-137

(8 Stations)

SAM India Buitwell and CEC
NC-02 From Noida Sector-142 to Noida Sector -148

(7 Stations)

Sam India Buitwell and CEC
NC-03 From Knowledge Park II to Depot Station

(6 Stations)

Sam India Buitwell and CEC
NC-04 Greater Noida Depot Station

(1 Depot Station)

Anupam Constructions
NGNC-01 Noida Sector – 122 to Greater Noida Sector -2

(5 Stations)

GR Infraprojects

Metro Stations and Nearest Tourist Attractions

Let us see the nearest metro stations of the Aqua Line Metro of Noida to the nearest tourist attractions:

Metro Station Tourist Attraction
Noida Sector – 18 The Worlds of Wonder Park
Noida Sector -18 DLF Mall of India
Noida Sector – 18 The Great India Place
Noida City Centre Buddha International Circuit
Botanical Garden Botanical Garden
Noida Sector – 18 ISKCON Temple Noida
Noida Sector – 18 KidZania
Noida Sector – 18 Stupa 18 Art Gallery Noida
Noida Sector – 18 Atta Market
Noida Sector – 18 Brahmaputra Market
Noida Sector – 62 Flluid
Golf course, Noida Golf Course, Noida
Noida Sector – 18 Quantum
Noida Sector – 18 Wave Mall of Noida
Noida Sector – 15 Maamouchee
Noida Sector – 51 Shree Jagannath Temple Noida
Noida Sector – 15 Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal & Green Garden

Let us see the nearest metro stations of the Aqua Line Metro of Greater Noida to the nearest tourist attractions:

Metro Station Tourist Attraction
Knowledge Park II The Grand Venice Mall
Knowledge Park II City Park
Knowledge Park II or Pari Chowk Buddh International Circuit
Noida Sector – 18 Noida Stadium
Noida City Centre Surajpur Bird Sanctuary
Pari Chowk or Knowledge Park II MSX Mall
Knowledge Park IV India Exposition Mart
Noida Sector 137 The Prodigal Farms
Knowledge Park II Tingaland
Pari Chowk Art Life Gallery
Noida Electronic City Journey Quests
Knowledge Park IV Omaxe Connaught Place
Knowledge Park II Rajwada Farms

Extension Proposal of the Noida Metro Line

There are three extensions proposed for the Aqua Line Metro route. 11 more stations would be added to the existing route through these 3 operating routes.

  • Botanical Garden to Sector-142

The first extension of this Noida Metro Line is from the botanical garden to Sector 142. This route has a total of 8 stations and stretches over 11.56 km. The Botanical Garden metro station is the interchange station for the Blue Line and the Magenta Line. This interchange provides connectivity to the major Delhi stations like Terminal -1 Delhi Airport, Anand Vihar, and New Delhi Railway Station. It benefits the residents of Sector-44, 45, 93, 97, 99, 100, 104, 105, and 108. This extension project aims to make commuting easy for the people residing in Noida and Greater Noida.

The total cost spent at every station is around 20 crores. This expenditure of this project will be shared between the UP government, the Central government, the Noida authority, and the Greater Noida Authority.

The eight stations of this route are:

  1. Botanical Garden
  2. Noida Sector 44
  3. Noida Office
  4. Noida Sector 97
  5. Noida Sector 105
  6. Noida Sector 108
  7. Noida Sector 93
  8. Panchsheel Balak Inter college
  • Sector 51 Noida Metro Station to Knowledge Park V

This extension of the Noida Metro Line runs from the first station of this route, Sector-51 to the Knowledge Park V in Greater Noida. This is the main extension of the Aqua Line Metro route which will have 11 stations and covers a stretch of 16.5 km.

There is a detailed project report on the construction of this line, of which the first phase of the route would operate from Sector -51 to Sector – 2 of Greno West. In the other phase, the extension stations would be built and the first station of this line would be Sector 61 Noida. This station would be a connecting point for Aqua Line Metro to Blue Line Metro reaching Delhi. The second station of this line is proposed to be built between Kailash Hospital and Dharampal Satya Pal Group Road (Around Sector 70). Further, the stations would be at Sector – 122 and Sector 123. In the Greater Noida, the stations would be Sector-4, Ecotech, and Sector-2. The other four stations are Sector-3 Greater Noida, Sector-10, Sector–12, and Knowledge Park V. The total cost of this route would be about 2700 crore.

  • Greater Noida Depot Station to Boraki Station

The last leg of the extension is the addition of two more stations after the current depot station of the Aqua Line Metro. This route stretches to a total of 2.5 km and is an elevated extension project. The two stations being added are Junpat station and Bodaki station. This extension will help the residents of Noida and Greater Noida connects to the areas of Bodaki and Dadri Road.

This rapid transit metro line is a great convenience provided to the people residing in Noida and Greater Noida. This is the second metro system in the state of Uttar Pradesh after the Lucknow metro and the eleventh metro rail system built in India. The Noida metro is a state-owned system by NMRC but the maintenance and operations are under the DMRC.

Helpline numbers of the Aqua Line Metro: 120-2210605, 120-2210603, or 120-2210604.

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