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A ready-to-move-in apartment property offers much more ease of convenience than the plots which are under construction. There are no more waiting periods to shift in the residences of your choice. This is an avenue of attraction for people looking to invest rental incomes, or ready possessions for homebuyers.

Let us see the checklist of documents for ready-to-move apartments:

  • Title Deed of the Plot

The title deeds of the plot are the original documents that confirm the rightful ownership of the seller. It tells you whether the property belongs to the developer or the builder and who holds the rights to sell it. It is considered a legally authorized document that needs to be verified before buying a ready-to-move apartment. Any legal issues or any disputes related to the property can be checked with the deed of the plot.

  • Completion/Occupancy Certificates

These two certificates are the essential documents in the checklist. The completion certificate is granted by the Municipal Authority after completion of the construction of the project. The occupancy certificate is granted when the completed residential project is considered safe, and fit, and fulfils the essential codes for being ready to move in. This is approved and provided by the government-owned local agencies. This certificate mentions every piece of information and laws followed to make it a suitable construction for occupancy. This is a required document which certifies water, electricity, and sanitation facilities. It is required for any financial help or any bank loan.

  • Building Plan of the Ready-to-Move-in Apartment

The building plan is the blueprint for the final construction of the apartment. It consists of important details such as the layout of the plot, utilities, and placement of the types of equipment. This blueprint of the construction is first approved by the local municipal authority. This approved building plan should be checked and matched with your selected ready-to-move-in apartment.

  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Encumbrance certificate or EC is the one proof that shows the clean slate of the plot. It is a document that ensures that the property is free from any legal liabilities and monetary issues. It is an essential certificate which needs to be in your document checklist before confirmation of your ownership rights.

  • Possession Certificate

This is the letter of possession which is the transfer of the old property owner to the new owner. This possession or mutation certificate then gets registered in the government records and initiates your associated taxation responsibilities.

  • General Power of Attorney (GPA)

The general power of attorney is an authorization document which provides validation to an individual to take decisions on behalf of the actual property owner. GPA is an essential legal document which is required for any property-related transaction to be executed. This attorney lets you know who is dealing with the sale and purchase of the plots.

  • No Objection Certificates

The no objection certificate or the NOC is an important document to be taken for a ready-to-move apartment. It is an assurance and approvals taken from all the concerned regulatory bodies which include power supply boards, water boards, safety approval bodies, and gas supply agencies. The builder or the owner should obtain the NOC before selling the property and the same applies to the buyer.

  • Purchase Agreement

The agreement made for the sale of the plot is crafted ensuring the builder’s commitments to the buyer. This holds the details of the terms and conditions of the property like the facilities and utilities provided, number of rooms in the ready-to-move apartment, quoted price of the property, possession price of the property, terms of payment, and possession timelines. The agreement mentions that the right of the property goes to the buyer after purchasing the said plot and the builder cannot interfere in it further. It is a legal document where the builder is liable for all the services mentioned in the agreement.

  • Mother Deed

Mother deed is one of the documents which helps in tracking the previous records of the property’s ownership. It helps in the thorough verification of the property to be purchased. It is advised to keep a copy of the deed for any future reference.

  • Sale Deed

It is an essential document of the ready-to-move apartment that states the transfer of ownership rights to the buyer from the builder. The terms and conditions of the purchase agreement should be agreed upon before finalizing the sale deed. It is a legal document which is the evidence of transfers and sale of property.

Additional Documents

Some additional documents may be required in the purchasing of the properties:

  • Allotment Letter

This is the letter obtained from the developer of the project where you booked the apartment when it was under construction. It mentions the booking amount paid to the developer and if any more needs to be paid.

  • Khata Certificate

The data certificate holds the revenue information regarding the purchased property. It is essential for paying the taxes and a legal proof of ownership. This certificate helps in applying for any home loans, financial aid or selling the property in future.

Necessary Checks for a Ready-to-Move Apartment

Some checks need to be done before selecting the ready-to-move apartment:

  • The ready-to-move apartment properties should be inspected well from the structural and functional aspects of it.

  • The individual should research about the history and record of the developer and builder in the real estate market. Consider taking reviews from the already living residents of the place.

  • Professional help can be taken from a property inspector to analyze the ready apartment for any potential issue.

  • Carefully evaluate the location of the property in terms of neighborhood, essential amenities, recreation, connectivity, and scope of future growth of the area.

Tips to Ensure the Right Property Purchase

There are some key aspects to consider to ensure a smooth property purchase:

  • Document Verification: The property-related documents should be thoroughly scrutinized before finalizing any purchase. These legal documents should be altered or tempered in any way. Take legal advice when needed for any property-related dispute. The assurance and guidance can be taken from the attorney of the property. A thorough verification of the owner’s background should be done.


  • Legal Expertise: Legal guidance is always of much help when it comes to understanding the laws and regulations governing the properties. They can help review your certificates, agreements, deeds, and payment transactions well. Any legal disputes can be; negotiated well with legal guidance, ensuring a rightful property purchase.


  • Being aware: An individual should be totally alert when dealing with property-related matters. You need to be well-researched about the developers and builders you are dealing with. You should know what documents are required concerning the sale and purchase. Gain some knowledge regarding the rules and regulations to be followed locally and by the government bodies.


  • Document Registration: All the documents that are prepared for the purchase of the property should be verified personally and with a mandatory stamp duty to be paid. They need to be finally submitted at the Sub-Registrar’s office to complete the transfer of ownership process. The sale deed of the property needs to be signed by witnesses from both parties and attested by the law.


  • Finances: Good financial planning can only be done when you have the clarity of future payments. The buyer should be well aware, of the financial outputs such as down payments, due installments, and bank requirements. You should hold thorough documentation, declarations, interest rates, and timely payments concerning the home loans taken for properties. Take clues on the tax implications associated with the purchase of properties.



The decision to move into a ready-to-move apartment is not a job done in a day. It is a process that has; a series of events, from selection, checks, and document checklists to payment terms by both the buyer and the seller.

The deal of buying a home is abided by legal formalities, including various certificates, sale and purchase deeds, and NOCs from the regulatory bodies. It is always imperative to make an informed choice when selecting, selling, and purchasing of the properties.

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