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Guide to Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024

A home is the safest shed that a human being endures in its lifetime. It is a relief to your heart and peace to your mind when you have something of your own. And purchasing a house for oneself is like a blessing in life.

Just envision a wide-open spacing house surrounded by the lap of nature with modern architecture and amenities. Having a home of your own in an urban township is no more a dream but a direction to reality as proposed by the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024. The Noida and the Greater Noida cities with their progressive transformation in the real-estate sector are turning into an ideal choice for a better living.

The development of the Greater Noida area located in the District of Gautam Buddha Nagar comes under the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) in Uttar Pradesh. The authority came into power, in January 1991 and abided by the UP Industrial Area Development Act of 1976. There is an e-auction allotment procedure under the housing scheme proposed by the GNIDA, offering various residential and commercial properties.

Let us see the complete guide to the Housing Scheme 2024 by the Greater Noida Authority:

Greater Noida Authority Scheme 2024

There are various plot schemes proposed under the housing scheme which includes residences like plots, houses, multi-story apartments, and group housing plots allotted by the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme. All the plots are well-developed and are assigned under this scheme. There is an e-auction organized for the possession of these properties within a month by the eligible candidates.

There are two sizes of commercial plots available which are 10,800 square metres and 23,530 square metres. The aggregate price set by the authority is Rs 247 crores. The three plot sizes offered Noida Group Housing scheme are 19,503 square metres, 34,247 square metres, and 56,329 square metres. The aggregate price declared by the authority is Rs 473 crores.

The e-auction dates would be informed by the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme.

Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme

There are a total of 8 plots on offer under the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024. These are present in various sectors of Greater Noida with a plot size of 3.5 to 10 acres.

Following are the housing plots:

  • Omicron
  • Eta
  • Mu
  • Sigma
  • 12
  • 36
  • Xu 2
  • Xu 3

The estimated price of the plots per square meter is around Rs 36,500 to Rs 48,300 which makes a total of 970 crores. The person with the high-value bid would be allotted the plot in the e-auction process.  The candidate needs to fulfil the necessary documentation and financial obligations within the stipulated time of 90 days. The housing plots are based on a 90-year lease agreement. The assigned housing project and the allotment certificate need to be given within a time lap of 7 years.

The lease agreement will be made in favour of the Special Purpose Company (SPC) formed by the associated members. This association is permitted for the completion purpose of the housing project with terms and conditions applied.

Residential Housing Scheme by Greater Noida Authority

The Greater Noida Authority is giving you a wonderful opportunity to buy your residence in the metropolitan city, of Noida. There are some housing plots along the Noida expressway managed under the authority.

The application regarding these plots needs to be submitted under the Noida Authority residential plot scheme. All the necessary documents, plot size, and eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled.

Affordable Housing Scheme by Greater Noida Authority

The plot sizes under the affordable housing scheme under the Greater Noida Authority are 450 and 250 square metres. For the economically weaker sections and JJ colony inhabitants, a total number of 95 apartments are constructed for a rehabilitation house. 

Apartment Housing Scheme by Greater Noida Authority

The various apartments under the housing scheme are located in various sectors of Greater Noida. Following are the locations: Sector- 31, Sector-44, Sector – 51, Sector – 47, Sector – 49, Sector – 99, Sector – 93b, Sector – 39, Sector – 100, and Sector – 122.

The estimated price of the residential apartments per square metre ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000. Sector-44, Greater Noida hosts the most high rate properties while Sector-122 has reasonable pricing of the housing properties.

Basic Requirements 

There are essential requirements that need to be met before applying under the scheme:

Eligibility Criteria for Housing Scheme

Some suitability factors need to be complied with before applying under the housing scheme proposed under the Greater Noida Authority:

  • The applicant should be of Indian origin and more than 18 years of age

  • The applicant must not hold any previous history of buying a house under this scheme

  • People (Villagers of Greater Noida) applying under the reserved quota need to submit the certificate proof of it. Show the documents if any land is allotted to them by the authority

  • There should not be any land purchased by the candidate’s spouse or children by the authority


  • Document proof of the  candidate’s age and address

  • Nationality certificate

  • Any identity proof

  • A formatted and scanned copy of the affidavit according to the housing plot forum

  • Scanned passport-sized photos of the applicant

Information Required for Online Application

Official Website: https://www.greaternoidaauthority.in/

  • On the official website, click on the ‘Applicant category and payment plan’ option.

  • Choose the payment plan for the housing available in the areas and sectors of Greater Noida

  • You need to choose the residential house or plot within that sector or area.

  • A registration fee needs to be paid after making the above selection.

  • The candidate needs to give the personal information, identification ID, bank account details, and passport-sized photograph.

  • The terms and conditions of the chosen residential plot should be accepted before proceeding with the personal details

  • The reference number would be required before submitting the above details

  • The candidate needs to submit some essential documents in a pdf format.

  • The payments need to be processed further: Registration fee (refundable or non-refundable subject to certain factors), and Processing fee (non-refundable)

  • The details of the bank account need to be given: Bank account no., Bank account holder’s name, and IFSC code.

  • Fill the declaration window that opens up for the acceptance of the payment

E-Auction Process of the Housing Scheme

Some essential protocols of the bidding process as mentioned by the Greater Noida Authority:

  • An uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity required

  • Bidding would take place on the same day for the plots which are of the same size and stand under the criteria of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

  • Any bidding offer which is below the allotment price or the reserve price will not be accepted

  • The allotment price or the reserve price for the properties which are present within 1 km distance of the metro corridor will have an increment of 10% for the Kiosks plot scheme or the Greater Noida shops

  • 15 15-minute extension of the final bidding can be done if the e-action time exceeds the event’s time

  • Withdrawal of the bid-offer cannot be done once it is submitted

Draw Results of the E-Auction

Following are the steps to check you’re bidding results:

  • Visit the official website of the Greater Noida Authority and the new Residential Plot Scheme 2024

  • Click on the link to Draw the result of the Noida Authority Plot Scheme

  • A fresh webpage appears in front of you with the pdf consisting of the draw results

  • Download the pdf from the webpage and check your results

Update with the Residential Scheme

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority has introduced another additional plot scheme with its various residential plots housing scheme. There were a total of 200 plots with per square metre size of 250 to 450 in Sector- 151, Greater Noida. This proposal was meant to be fulfilled by July 2021 or the start of August 2021.

A total number of 97, 1 BHK AND 2 BHK housing configurations distributed in sectors 55, 99, 82, 122, 117, and 118 were assigned to the JJ colony residents and people belonging to EWS (Economically Weaker Section) on 31 July 2021.

More plot schemes would be introduced by GNIDA for the lower-income category, middle-income category, and higher-income category people.

Payment Procedures for the Plots

The payment procedure is worked out into three categories:

  1. The candidate who pays the full allotment price of the plot within 90 days of allocation will be offered a 5% discount on the price.

  2. 50% of the amount can be paid in the first 60 days of allocation and the rest 50% can be paid in the next two years. The second 50% instalment is subject to interest levied by the State Bank of India MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds Lending Rate) plus a 1% rate. This interest starts from every 1st of July to January every year. A 2% discount is offered on the second instalment and is paid fully and on time. In case, the whole money is not paid, it incurs an additional interest of 3% which is added to the MCLR +1% rate.

  3. 30% of the amount should be paid in the first 45 days of allocation and the remaining 70% should be paid in the next four years. If the second instalment is not paid, it incurs an interest of 3% which is added to the MCLR+ 1% rate.

Fees to be paid

There are various charges that the eligible candidate needs to pay:

  1. Processing Fee: It is an amount of 5000 that needs to be paid while doing the online registration which is non-refundable. It is payable by the internet gateways or net banking process of the Greater Noida Authority website

  2. Reserve Price: It is the rate of reserving the chosen plot proposed according to the location

  3. Allotment Money: The candidate needs to pay 25% of the premium booked for the plot within 15 days of the allotment. This 25 % includes the registration fee and the EMD charges.

  4. Government Taxes: Any tax levied by the government which includes GST, VAT, TDS, or any service tax needs to be paid by the candidate.

  5. Location Charges: Any additional charge as per the allotted location is included in the reserve price of the property that needs to be paid.

  6. Mortgage Fee: It requires an amount of 1000 rupees to obtain permission for the mortgage and a 5000 rupees security deposit.

  7. Full Payment Options: The successful candidate will receive a 2% rebate on the bidding price if the full payment is done within 60 days of allocation. And, if the applicant fails to make 75% of the payment within the first 60 days of allotment would be levied with a 10% simple interest rate. The remaining amount with interest needs to be paid within 1 year in four instalments paid quarterly.


Allotment Procedure

Let us see the allocation process by the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme:

  1. The allocation procedure is based upon whoever comes first is considered first

  2. The candidates who have given full cash down payments will be given priority

  3. The applicant with any physical disabilities can have a chance of obtaining an apartment on the ground floor

Advantages of living in the city of Greater Noida

Greater Noida is one of the upcoming urban townships shaping into every possibility of being known as a Smart City. It is known as one of the biggest industrial areas in Asia.

  • The city is developing and fulfilling the demand and supply of basic amenities and developed infrastructure

  • The city’s 25% area is designated for green cover and hence, less pollution

  • There are well-developed roadways connecting to Delhi NCR, Noida, and the cities of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Private power supply. No prolonged power cuts

  • Underground sweet water with no water supply issues

  • There are no drainage issues in the sectors of the city

  • There is a 240 acres widespread sports complex and 220-acre golf course offering multiple recreational avenues

  • The city hosts renowned educational institutes, schools, hospitals, and healthcare centres

  • The sectors are well-planned with their various residential choices

  • Gas pipelines and optical fibres have been laid down

  • Some really good shopping malls and hotels are a part of the city


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>When will the e-auction process take place for the Greater Noida Housing Scheme 2024?

  • The e-auction of the Houses by the Greater Noida Authority will be held in June 2024. Keep visiting the official website of the Greater Noida Authority for the latest information.

  • How many plots are available under the Greater Noida Group Housing Scheme 2024?

  • There are a total of 8 plots that are available with different size ranges and configurations

  • Is the processing fee refundable if a candidate is unsuccessful?

  • The processing fees stand non-refundable once the application is submitted under the housing scheme forum.

  • Any recent development in the city of Greater Noida?

  • The development of Noida International Airport will boost the development of the city from all aspects benefitting the residents of the city

  •  How can I update the payments done by me under the housing scheme?

  • You need to put a request online on the website requesting the payment proofs

  • Can the plot allotment be cancelled?

  • The affidavits need to be given by both parties stating the reason for cancellation. However, the allotment charges would not be refunded by the authority

  • Can the extension of the allotment be done?

  • The affidavits need to be given from both parties mentioning the reason for the extension

  • How can I get the property on a Joint name under this housing scheme?

  • Apply for the joint name online in their prescribed format. Submit the essential documents which include affidavits, relationship proof, address proof, and photographs.



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